Nom Preview: Precita Park Cafe

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Hi Everyone!

So, much like any person over time, this blog has evolved a bit. In the early days (2 years ago?), I focused primarily on my own style. And it was crazy fun. But, since each and every year has passed, I have found new passions, things that interest me, and well...the list goes on.

One thing that i've never stopped? My love of food and eating. In fact, besides shopping i'd say it's my favorite hobby.

That being said, I want to let you in on a little (not little, at all) secret: I love cheese. Cheddar, Swiss, Burrata, Goat, Gruyere, the list goes on. And trust me – it's a long list.

SO, last week when I checked out the fabulous Precita Park Cafe...I fell in love. With burrata. Precita Park Cafe is located in Bernal Heights, an area that I do not frequent on the regular, but I fell in love with.

Located in the heart of Bernal, the cafe has a light and airy charm about it that makes dining inviting and more importantly, fun.

The menu? A mixture of handcrafted pizzas, pastas, and erm...cheese. Oh! And tasty craft brews and California wines. Nom.

Do I have you salivating yet? Okay, so what are you waiting for? Go! Now. Seriously, i'm doing y'all a favor. :)

When you go, don't miss out on the house made burrata, deep fried quail stuffed with mac 'n cheese (I KNOW!), and the Sausage and Montasio Pizza.

I left Precita Park Cafe with a full belly and happy heart. I'm thinking you'll feel the same.