Weekend Snapshots Part 1

IMG_4193 IMG_4192







Hi Everyone!

Hope all is well! The weekend was an eventful one, y'all. I took the liberty of painting my room and to be honest, it was quite an experiment.

Luckily I had a few friends help me in the process, so that made it a bit sweeter. What wasn't as sweet was the trip to Ikea where I deem it as "the place where happy people go to die." It's intense. Crowded. Not zen.

Surprisingly (well, not so surprisingly), I spent more time assembling the furniture I bought at Ikea rather than the actual time spent at Ikea. Regardless, my room is looking preeeeeetty good. So there's that.

I also attended my first female roller derby event on Saturday. As evidence from the pictures above, it was aggressive, hilarious, and really fun. Makes me kind of want to do it. :)

Last week I also had the opportunity to check out Precita Park Cafe and i'll talk a little more about that later this week. Just wait for burrata pictures all up on here.

And to round out the weekend, the wonderful women of Les Mechantes hosted a blogger brunch Sunday afternoon. It was full of amazing bites (those scones, though...), phenomenally talented women, and beautiful fashion a la Les Mechantes. 

More tomorrow!