Local Spotlight: Bay Leaf Kitchen

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Hi Everyone!

Happy Wednesday! So, I have lived in San Francisco for over three years now. I love this city so much and am so thankful for the people and experiences i've had thus far. I am constantly reminded how inspiring San Francisco is from the architecture, the landscape, the innovation, and the people.

Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to attend an amazing fundraising event by an organization in the Bay Area that truly stands for everything this city is about. Bay Leaf Kitchen is a phenomenal organization is the brainchild of Elianna Friedman, Amy Nghe and Rachel Kiichli. Seeing an absence in children's education around food, cooking and sustainability, Elianna and Amy founded Bay Leaf Kitchen to combat that very problem.

The organization's mission is to teach children and families how to create, cook and share sustainable, healthy food and to foster a connection between our community and our farmers. What's even better is that Bay Leaf Kitchen offers hands-on cooking camps and classes for Bay Area kids that highlight seasonal, local and sustainable ingredients.

The icing on the cake (no pun intended) is that these children truly learn how to cook, grow and eat real food to bring home with them. An invaluable experience and education that lasts these children a lifetime.

For more information about Bay Leaf Kitchen and their cause, check out their website and get involved!