Weekend Snapshots

Starting the weekend off right with coffee + Shikha! Headed to Tiburon!

We're so pretty.

Beautiful San Francisco skies.

A little BOCA reunion.

Day dress dressin'

One of the best dudes I know.


Outtakes with Jennymay!

The Sartoialist and Chucks. Nothing better.

Sneak peek of some exciting TOT milestones!

Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday! I hope you're having a great day! This weekend was phenomenal (Sorry Niners fans...)! Full of catching up with old friends, celebrating birthday's (and some milestones!), enjoying San Francisco's surrounding areas (Hayo Tiburon!) and a lot of sleeping in.


How was your weekend!? Also, can I just say I can't get enough of this Zara sale. But seriously, i've gone 5 times now. MAKE ME STOP.

Until tomorrow!