The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

most wonderful

Hi Everyone!

Happy Tuesday and for y'all who celebrate, Merry Christmas Eve! It's so, so great to be back in Ohio. I have to tell you.

And of course, i've been bringing a little San Francisco to my little hometown. Made tofu, quinoa and veggies tonight for dinner...add a little Red Stripe and i'm straight outta the Bay. Along with some food options, I packed quite a bit of warm weather options for my trip out to Ohio. Seeing as how we've had a cold chill in SF the past few weeks, i've stocked up on beanies, re-introduced my wardrobe to socks (shrieks!) and cute shift dress, layered with flannel and leather vests.

I have to say, this outfit is DEFINITELY on my wish list this holiday season and a big inspiration for perhaps a New Years Eve outfit. Fancy with a little grunge...just the way I like it.

Until tomorrow!