Neon Dream

Jacket: Target | Dress: Bar III | Shoes: Zara | Necklace: H&M | Bracelet: H&M IMG_3960





Hi Everyone!

Happy Humpday! As you know, I borrow my roommate Andi's stuff a lot and well...this outfit is certainly NO exception. I couldn't help but give her a fashion high-five for purchasing this killer standout from Macy's. I have to admit, Bar III has some seriously quality and trendy pieces.

Many a times I sneak into Macy's telling myself i'll just browse and usually never happens like that, does it? I have an addiction and i'm wildly happy to admit that!

Also, i've been crazy with the new job that I forgot to tell ya'll I have some very, very exciting posts coming up in the next several weeks! For a little taste, i'll be hosting a GIVEAWAY (gasps! my first one!!) by an insanely awesome clothing company that is super close to my heart, featuring an amazing designer who presented at San Francisco Fashion Week and to close out, my very first foray into hair/beauty!

Can you feel my excitement? Hail, I sure do.

Also, apologize for the gashes in my legs...I swear they are from being clumsy. I would photoshop them out, but then where's the fun in that? This is real life, ya'll.

Until tomorrow!


Photos by Scott Wisner