Weekend Snapshots

Any good weekend starts and ends with brunch, right? Some killer latkes right hur at Homeplate! The gang all took a trip to the Russian River!

Beer me.

One of those San Francisco sunsets that make you feel so blessed to live in this gorgeous city.

This also happened at Oktoberfest. I also was told I was inhaling this pretzel by strangers later.

Cronuts, ya'll. And good god, they are DEADLY.


Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Hopefully ya'll had a blast. As for me? I celebrated my first week of work with a little trip to Oktoberfest to indulge in beer, pretzel's (naturally) and some good ol' sauerkraut. GUTEN TAG!

Along with Oktoberfest, caught up with some amazing old friends, celebrated my favorite lurdy Ali's birthday with a trip to the Russian River and then brunched hard.

Pretty great weekend, indeed. Definitely a weekend where I feel incredibly happy and thankful.

Until tomorrow!