Weekend Snapshots - Labor Day Edition

From where I run. Practicing for my 10k! The most gorgeous photos I ever did see.

Friday afternoon beer with Andi at Southern Pacific.

Saturday run through the Panhandle!

Feelin' sportay at the Farmers Market!

Ohio University reunion brunch with the wonderful Catherine.

Potrero Hill chillin'.

Cheerin' on our Bobcats with Sarah and Court!

The cutest nugget ever (and a Bobcat lover), Duke!!


A little Labor Day visit to Twin Peaks!


Hi Everyone!

Happy Tuesday! (Weird to say!) Hope ya'll had an amazing Labor Day weekend. I checked off the majority of my list from last week's post including a lovely trip to the Divisadero and Grove Farmer's Market, laundry (waaaah, wahhhh), run around the Bay, slept until 9:30 (INSANE!), lounged heavily (Thai takeout? Yes, please) and a little living room refurbish (first time selling on Craigslist! Huzzah!)

Throw in a little Twin Peaks impromptu visit, celebrating my alma mater (Go Ohio University!) and exploring new neighborhoods (Holla, Potrero!) and I think it was one for the books.

Until tomorrow!