Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend - TLT Edition
Striped t shirt / Zara denim jumpsuit / DV by Dolce Vita ankle booties / Rebecca Minkoff mini leather handbag / Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet / Knot earrings / Marc Jacobs glasses / Kate Spade apple iphone case / CROSLEY Cruiser Portable Turntable / Drinking cup, $17

Hi Everyone!

Hope all is well! So, it's Labor Day Weekend and I know what I want to do. REST n' RELAX. So, with that being said i'm going to make a list (so I hold myself accountable) of things I want/should/must do this weekend:

  • Sleep In (until...9 a.m.)
  • Ikea (maybe not as relaxing, but a early morning a.m. trip with the roomies is necessary)
  • Run (still "training" for that 10K!)
  • Read (wanting to re-read The Happiness Project)
  • Laundry (have I officially become an adult?)
  • Grocery Shopping (attempting gluten free for one week with Scotty!)
  • Celebrate! (just landed a new job and can't wait to start!)

Also, per the picture above, I NEED overall shorts. What are ya'll getting into this weekend?

Have a great weekend!