Skorting The Issue

Jacket: F21 | Shirt: Gap | Skort: Zara | Shoes: Zara | Necklace: Unknown IMG_3538






Hi Everyone!

Happy Wednesday! So, as you can guess...i've boarded the skort train. Hence my HILARIOUS title for today's post. SKORTING THE ISSUE. Hah, get it? Because i'm wearing a skort that's like a skirt. But is shorts. Well, at least I think it's funny.

I decided that when I love something as much as I do with this Zara skort, I buy several of the same thing varying in color. Thankfully my roommate Andi has the black version (seen here), but I had to buy the white because not only I look like i'm channeling Wilma Flintstone but also like i'm ready to kick Andy Roddick's ass on the court.

I also snagged these Zara sandals awhile back, but I can't help but wear them at least twice a week. So comfortable and stylish.  I also think they could be considered a lethal weapon. I mean, did you see that point?

Alright, make today awesome!

Until tomorrow!


Photos by Lucas Mayer