Blog Spotlight: Kinks Are The New Pink

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Photo via Lucky Magazine


Hi Everyone!

Happy Tuesday! It's been a crazy past few days, but i've been wanting to get back in the swing of things with one of my favorite things to do on the blog -- Blog Spotlights! There are so many amazing blogs out there and I am constantly finding inspiration from others who love fashion, individual style and those who aren't afraid to be themselves. Insanely refreshing, right?

With that being said, I think Ashlei from Kinks Are The New Pink is absolutely phenomenal. We met at our very first LuckyFabb Conference in Los Angeles earlier this year and bonded over our newbie status as well as where she lives -- Chicago (one of my favorite cities in the US)!

Ashlei's tagline is "Inspiring A Naturally Chic Life" and I have to say, she's definitely inspired me to try tons of outfits & styles that I would have not otherwise tried! Can I just saw how major that outfit is in photo #3? Along with having killer style, she takes the majority of her own photos (can I get a holla!) and chronicles (quite honestly) her day-to-day! AND her hair -- so envious on how effortlessly she pulls off short hair!

Take it from me, Ashlei is one you don't want to miss. Check her out on her website Kinks Are The New Pink and on Twitter & Instagram for more fashion fun!

Have an amazing day and until tomorrow!