Weekend Snapshots

Start the weekend off right with coffee, granola and Zach Cole at The Mill Dolores at sunset!

Saying goodbye to Bruce. I love his pose in this.

Congrats to my amazing friend Shikha on finishing the San Francisco Half Marathon ahead of her original time!

A pop of color on an unusually cloudy San Francisco Saturday.

Stripes n' dots!


Stern Grove Opening Day!



Mimosa and carbs equal a happy girl.


Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday, ya'll! I hope you're having a lovely morning. My weekend was pretty exceptional and filled with birthday cheer as it was my friend Courtney's birthday last week. So naturally, an even better excuse to celebrate during the weekend.

Coffee at The Mill, omelettes at The Cove, sunsets at Dolores, cheering on Shikha at the SF Half Marathon and listening to "Takin' It To The Streets" by Michael McDonald at Stern Grove. A pretty eventful weekend indeed.

Until tomorrow!