My Friday Mantra


Hi Everyone!

So, it's Friday. And well...I had a post lined up for today but then realized I thought I would reflect a bit. A lot of the times I feel so bogged down with the chaos that is life and everything that comes with it. Worry, stress, happiness (and sadness, too), work, finances, etc. seem to sometimes rule your day to day.

It happens, you know? I mean, it would be weird if you didn't feel these emotions every once in awhile. BUT, I think it's always great to get some perspective, snap the fuck out of it and say this phrase above. I'm of the mentality that not only am I a badass bitch, but all the people I choose to surround myself with as badass too.

I feel so lucky to have such an amazing support system to remind me that yeah, it's okay to have crazy days. But you know what? It's just a day. And there's always tomorrow.

ANYWAY, i'll stop getting deep. But just a little "girl power" reminder for today to ring in the weekend.

Until Monday!