Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Leather Leggings: H&M | Striped Shirt: Gap | Vest: F21 | Necklace: F21 | Hat: H&M | Shoes:  Target | Ring: F21 IMG_1561



Since I look like a referee, I thought i'd play the part!


Hi Everyone!

Happy Thursday! Hope all is well! So, when partaking in #sporty activities like baseball, one must dress the part, right?

I appropriately prepared for the Giants game by, well...looking like a referee. Wrong sport, but in the same vain. Anyway, I thought i'd jazz up the hat (to hide my frizzay hur) with a pair of these killer leather leggings I bought way back when from H&M. I'll be honest, ya'll.

I've ripped these bb's quite a bit. Not just once. But TWICE. In the crotch. It's weird and awkward, but I guess one should NEVER do yoga in leather leggings. Lesson learned.

ANYWAY, the San Francisco Giants won. Huzzah!

Until tomorrow!


Photos by Lucas Mayer