Night Lights

Loved this combination together. Skirt: H&M | Sweater: ON | Vest: F21 | Shoes: Carlos Santana | Necklace: F21 | Watch: Kohl's IMG_0540


Delicious ceviche at La Mar!



Quinoa Caprese. I died.



Hi Everyone!

Happy Wednesday! I hope you're having a killer day! Sometimes I walk throughout San Francisco and feel truly blessed to live here. Last night was definitely one of those "wow, i'm pretty lucky" kind of moments. I had the opportunity to catch up with some amazing people at La Mar, a pretty brilliant ceviche place and indulge in a ton of fresh fish.

Not only was the company good, but the weather was INSANE. Mid 70's? I don't hate it. Not one bit.

And while I still don't know all the answers to life's questions, i'm feeling pretty content, happy and grateful. I think that's a pretty solid way to start out a hump day.

Until tomorrow!


Photos by Ally Weiss