Amazing tuna salad at South Congress Cafe

Mount Bonnell in Austin

A mid-day pick me up: The Maverick (lemonade & beer!) at Hotel San Jose

Found these amazing denim beauties at Feathers Boutique


Loving the light fixtures at La Condesa

I had to guys...

Newest motto for life!

Perp butt

The most amazing yogurt and granola at Perla's

Enjoying a night outside at Yellow Jacket Social Club

Easter Sunday

Beautiful sunset in my neighborhood

So good to be back in San Francisco.

Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday! I hope ya'll (nod to Texas, everyone) are having a great beginning to the week. So, as promised, this week i'll get back to my regular blogging antics and posting every day. It felt so weird to go a day without posting, so I can't wait to be back in the game.

I just got back to San Francisco from being in Austin with work for an entire week. Ridiculously fun and got a lot accomplished, but can I just say WOOF. I am le tired. Like, going to bed at 10 p.m. for the next few days kind of tired.

But an amazing time was had this past week and did everything from company bonding, consuming MAJOR amounts of BBQ at The South Lick, Stubb's and Lucy's, exploring the East Side, visiting old friends from Ohio University, meeting new friends, riding bicycles down South Congress Street, sitting outside enjoying a Lone Star at Yellow Jacket and soaking up all that Austin has to offer. Truly love that city and can't wait to visit again!

And of course, I couldn't go without perusing the shops a bit and picked up an insanely cute Rachel Roy dress that i'm dying to break out when it gets nicer in San Francisco. Fingers crossed!

I hope everyone has an insanely great start to the week and so happy to be back in San Francisco!