Austin Snapshots

I thought these chairs were adorable! Sun setting down on Rainey Street

This nugget melted my heart. BUT FOR REALZ.

Another debut with Lone Star at The Salt Lick

An Austin staple

A great follow up to the previous picture. But seriously, ribs...I love you so much.

The outdoor area at The Salt Lick

Random window that I thought was fun!

Half of the BOCA team!

Austin, i'm seeing a theme with your signs.

Hi Everyone!

I hope all is well and you've been having a great week! A few snapshots from my week in Austin (more to come as well!) and all the fun happenings that i've been discovering.

Great city and can't wait to ride out the end of the week enjoying all Austin has to offer! Sorry for the short post, but I promise when I get back to San Francisco, they will be a bit longer!

Happy Thursday! Taking a page from my friend Andi who introduced me to Thankful Thursday's, what are you thankful for? Today i'm thankful for everything but most importantly support, love and encouragement from all my friends, family and co-workers. I feel truly lucky to have the support system I have both in San Francisco, Ohio and throughout.