It's Electric

Dress: UO | Jacket: F21 | Shoes: Target IMG_2895



Ride till I die, yo.

Hi Everyone!

Hope all is well on your end! I've been looking for a dropped waist dress for quite some time now. A lot of my favorite bloggers have pulled off the drop waist dress famous (seen here & here) so when I found this baby at Urban Outfitters AND on sale?! I nearly yelped and ran away with it. And the crazy, standout blue color doesn't hurt, either. ;)

And as this dress makes me feel a little bold, I thought i'd channel my inner "Fast & Furious" and pretend to ride this similarly colored motorcycle. I can't help but laugh because it looks so unnatural.

Always wanted to ride a motorcycle, though. Any takers?

Have a great day and Happy Tuesday!


Photos taken by Lisa Wilson