Weekend Snapshots & Big Things!

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Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday! I hope you're doing well and had an amazing weekend. This weekend I spent every day at Dolores Park trying to soak up the sunshine since it was beautiful outside. It's hilarious speaking to my family back home in Ohio when they ask what I'm doing and then talk about how they're shoveling the snow in 12 degree weather.

One of my favorite neighborhoods in San Francisco is the Mission. It's quickly becoming a weekend staple and I was lucky enough to spend Friday night at The Make-Out Room. Every Friday is "Loose Joints" which is basically one big dance party with hip-hop and Latin infused music. Needless to say, I was wiggling out like crazy.

Never shying away from trying something new, I was on a voracious search this weekend for a baseball hat. I've seen a lot of bloggers here and there try this trend and I was always too afraid to try it out, fearing i'd look ridiculous. Well, I kind of do, but why the hell not. Right? I found this gem of a hat that I found on 16th and Guerrero called Benny Gold. A great store with some pretty killer gear. I highly suggest everyone checks it out when they are in the area. Also, the guy working said I looked badass when I tried on the hat, so I couldn't resist. I'll be posting an outfit with the hat later this week, too!

Also, if you noticed...my site is now officially thelocaltransplant.com with a few minor tweaks and edits here and there! SO excited and thank you so much to Brian Mosely for helping me with all the changes. Still a work in progress, but for the meantime, it's not too shabby.

Thank you again for all of your continued support and enthusiasm with all of this! I'm so excited to share more with you guys and see what's in store!