Sweater: H&M | Pants: Uniqlo | Shoes: H&M | Bag: F21 | Jacket: Bar III DSC01101




Hi Everyone!

Happy Tuesday! As most of you guys know -- I love black. It's easy, slimming and always chic. That's why I have literally re-created (and re-worn) this outfit a handful of times.

Working in a creative atmosphere, I have a lot of leeway when figuring out what to wear. Whether it's a sundress, jorts, what have you -- almost anything goes. Except for see through leggings. That's always a bad idea.

Anyway, I wore this outfit particularly for a client meeting and to be honest -- it was perfect. Even the slip on sneaks worked well, was comfortable and added a little pop.

Also. You guys. Because i'm waiting fo' payday...I caved. And bought hair dye. Weird? Maybe. Inexpensive? Yes. It was literally $4 on SALE. I may be cheap, but i'd prefer to be called "thrifty."

I've never dyed my hair, so i'm a bit...nervous? I'm excited for the challenge and am going to attempt it this evening.

Looking forward to the results and will let you know!