Dress: Banana Republic Factory | Heels: Topshop (love this pair!)

When it comes to work dressing, you can usually find me in jeans and a simple top (bein’ honest here). Buuuut, I do travel a lot and when I do travel, it’s mostly for client meetings where jeans and a top won’t really make the mark.

So, how do I keep it classy while staying sassy?! Okay, so maybe not sassy but at least a little fun? Well, I try to find dresses in fun prints and patterns like this one from Banana Republic Factory.

I also love that the dress is fitted without being overly “show-y” and cinches in at the waist with a belt that while is a departure from my usual “baggy girl outfits” is actually a very welcomed change.

Think I’m on my way to CMO status, yet? :)

And, for the sake of sharing…a few other favorites that I call “business in the front and party in the back” dresses:

Any others caught your fancy?!