Healthy Habits via Polish My Crown

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Happy Wednesday! It's been a crazy few days, but every once in awhile I love to share other articles or stories that I can personally relate to. One of my best friends and roomie Andi, has an awesome blog that i've gushed about several times on The Ohio Transplant called Polish My Crown. Full of wisdom, positive thoughts and good energy, she recently blogged about an article titled "50 Healthy Habits Every Girl Should Have."

I thought i'd share Andi's part 4 series below and highlight some things that resonate with me!

Thanks Andi for the killer read!

31. Treat big purchases like big purchases. When someone buys a big new car or a big new house, they don’t buy a bunch of smaller, cheaper houses and cars a few months later, right? So if you buy that major investment bag, why buy five other, cheaper bags soon after? This will kick in buyer’s remorse both for the pricey bag you’re not using as much, and the cheaper bags, which you know you didn’t really need.

32. Never use your gym membership? (TOT Note - Can't say i'll completely delete my Crunch membership, but...this is definitely good once in awhile!) Cancel it and get into the healthy habit of working out at home using the many free fitness (and highly effective) tutorials available on YouTube.

33. Keep the change. Drop your loose change into the same jar at the end of every day. Once a month, take it to the bank and get cold, hard cash!

34. Clean smarter. Google “how to make your own cleaning supplies.” Seriously, do it now. It’ll not only save you money, but it’ll cut your exposure to chemicals.

35. Cook (a little) more. (TOT Note - but seriously...this needs to happen)  It’s unrealistic to expect busy women to cook every meal, but it really does make a difference in your overall health. A realistic way to go about it: replace one weekend dinner out with a nice meal made at home, and one takeout meal during the week with a healthy, easy dinner recipe.

36. Stand up for yourself.  One of the most unhealthy habits a woman can have? Not speaking up for fear it’s too aggressive.  Not happy with the way a meeting went at work? Schedule some time with your boss immediately and be clear about why you’re feeling the way you do. Don’t complain, but be concise and firm. Same goes for personal matters—friends, family, and men aren’t mind-readers.

37. Read labels.  On everything, from food to cosmetics to shampoo. It’s important to take ownership of what you put in and on your body.

38. Take medication seriously. This healthy habit goes both ways: On the one hand, women start to feel better and decide they don’t need to complete their dosage of medication, or refill it—a bad habit, as your symptoms might be waning but the illness can still very much live in your body. Conversely, if you experience strong side effects, or strange reactions, don;t just assume they’re normal—call you doctor immediately.

39. Don’t skimp on sleep. Sleep is absolutely essential to our health—both physical and mental—and not getting enough can have some pretty major effects. The American Psychological Association points out that irritability and moodiness are some of the first signs a person experiences from lack of sleep. If a sleep-deprived person doesn’t sleep after the initial signs, they may start to experience apathy, slowed speech and flattened emotional responses, impaired memory and an inability to multitask. Adults should aim for six to eight hours a night.

40. Listen to your body You know what they say: Pain is your body’s way of telling you something’s wrong. That doesn’t mean every little ache is serious—most aren’t—but be attuned to your own body. On the same note, if you really feel that something isn’t right, don’t be scared to go to a doctor—isn’t it better to have piece of mind right away, than constantly worry?

Until tomorrow!