Sunset Shuffle – 4 Places To Eat & Drink The Night Away

Living in San Francisco for 7 years, I've explored a lot of neighborhoods and little nooks and crannies of the city. But one place I haven't spent too much time in is the Sunset. Okay, okay. I've ran in Golden Gate Park, seen Outside Lands almost (??) every year, and have sipped one too many beers at the Beach Chalet. 

HOWEVER, this past Sunday, Tom and I legitimately DID IT UP and I couldn't wait to share a post recounting the evening (and now, some of my favorite Sunset places). 

Here's a little rundown of what to eat and drink: 

Hook Fish

Start off your evening at Hook Fish – a fresh seafood joint that's small but mighty. Made of all reclaimed wood, the place is cozy, inviting and no frills. The food on the other hand, is exceptional. I mean, crab cakes that are 100% crab – full of flavor and so delicious. If I were you, I'd start off with some tasty guac (and chips) and go for the gold with their best-selling grilled fish tacos. 

Seven Stills And Hard Frescos


Situated right next to Andytown, Seven Stills and Hard Frescas is the place for a bite and quick drannnnk. Admittedly, we only had the hard fresca (holler for the ginger), but the ambiance was low-key and perfect for sipping. 

White Cap

Photo via Patricia Chang

Photo via Patricia Chang

Situated on 46th and Taraval, White Cap is a nice break from the sandy surfer vibe that is most of the Sunset. Not to say that White Cap isn't laid back – it totally is (I mean, there's a fireplace, too!), but it's a great spot for a nice cocktail – guaranteed. My favorite? The Monkey Wrench slushy! 

The Riptide


End the night at The Riptide – trust me. It's one of the older institutions (still remaining) in SF and while they fell victim to a fire a few years ago, they are back and better than ever. A watering hole for literally every walk of life, they often have live music on most nights and their drink specials? Let's just say you can find a beer for under $5 – a rarity in this city. :)