Blog Spotlight: The Fashionista Lab

Photo by Lindsey Louie Photo by Lindsey Louie

Photo by Jessica Ryzenberg

Photo by Lydia Hudgens

Hi Everyone!

Happy Thursday! As an ode and shoutout to all the San Francisco bloggers, I wanted to highlight a lovely lady by the name of Adelle from The Fashionista Lab. I met Adelle briefly by....wait for it...wait for it...the one and only Lydia Hudgens at that same blogger dinner where I met the amazing Caity of Moi Contre La Vie and the ever so lovely Lauren of The Pear Shape.  I really owe Lydia one, don't I? :)

Anyway, Adelle is someone who impresses me day in and day out. Not only is her style absolutely stunning (that last outfit - I am dying!) but her weekly round-up of everything fun, new and popular in the fashion world (check out her Friday Favorites series!) is refreshing and totally needed.

While i've only met Adelle a handful of times, she is one of the San Francisco bloggers I truly admire. From her grace to her infectious smile, The Fashionista Lab is one not to miss.

As she mentions, Adelle values self-expression, and wouldn’t be able to express herself without clothing. I think that's something every fashionista can get behind.

For more on Adelle, find her fashionable musings on Facebook and Twitter!

Until tomorrow!