So Much Shade

I'm a creature of habit. And also lazy. So, I always revert to wearing glasses. However, on some surprising occasions, I like to sport some sunglasses. Buuuut, what kind looks best for my face?! Reverting back to my high school days, I tried thinking of all those Cosmo articles that show what styles look best for specific face shapes. And when that didn't work, I went to Pinterest. 

So, I threw some caution to the wind and picked up a few from Sunglass.LA to see how it would go. I have a heart-shaped face so from what I hear, flashier frames help give my face balance. 

Wanna see the results? You sure? Okay, here we go!

So, here I'm rocking some exaggerated cat eye sunglasses. And to be honest, I love them on theory but maybe not on me. I think they're a bit much and I think my personality is the only thing I can afford to have be exaggerated. 2/10

I guess I really had a thing for cat eye when I was ordering these? Again, a bit big for my face shape. So, I suppose for a fun night or day because who wears sunglasses at night (?), these could be cool! Just not a daytime staple, yeah? 4/10

IMG_7555 (1).jpg

Ahhh, now we're talking! This pair doesn't look half bad, eh? And while pink isn't really my go-to color, I think they're quite fun and unexpected. And let's be real, we all shouldn't be taking ourselves so seriously, yeah? I love that they're modern and even more so, lightweight! 8/10

Okay, so same style as above but different color. These bad boys are part of their mirrored-coated flat lens pantos collection and share the same lightweight vibe as the previous pair. So, thoughts? 6/10. 


You betcha. I think I could get used to these bad boys, that's for sure. If you wanna snag the pair, check 'em here! And with that, I'm ready for sunnier days ahead!

Photography via Julia O Test