Progress Not Perfection

I don't know about y'all, but how many times have you gone to a workout studio and felt self-conscious? *looks around to raised hands*

If you're like me, you've felt this far too many times. Whether it's looking at everyone else's refined, fit to form workout leggings compared to my several year old ootd or just not being familiar with the routine or rhythm and feeling like a total rhino, I've caught myself time and time again obsessing over everything else except the actual class. 

And you know what, it's total bullshit.

For many people (myself included), going to different gyms and studios brings out a lot of insecurities. From not feeling confident in my own skin to even being too afraid to try a new class in fear of being embarrassed, I've felt intimidated far too often than I'd like to admit. 

Unfortunately this is in part of social media and you know what, that's a reality. Well, sort of. I accept that I've let Instagram get the best of me (on occasion) but over the past several months, I've decided that Instagram isn't the reality – it's our self-chosen highlight reel. 

So instead of focusing on the negatives, I choose (and continue to choose – it's a daily choice, y'all) to channel my energy into the positives. A few examples:

Finding a studio that fits my needs/lifestyle: One of these places in MNT Studio in SOMA. Whether it's a barre class, reformer or mat pilates class, I feel like a million bucks after I finish and feel so accomplished. Even more important – I feel safe, not judged, and comfortable. Huge things when taking a class. Oh, and did I mention that the owner and founder of MNT is a woman? Yeah, her name is Elaine Hayes and she's a total badass. 

Find a badass outfit that makes you feel like a queen: I know this may sound silly but seriously guys, I promise you it makes a big difference. I have a motto when it comes to workout leggings, "the higher, the better" and usually opt for high-rise. Some of my favorites are from Outdoor Voices (a TON of colors and different varieties) and of course, Athleta. I honestly think Athleta has some of the very best leggings and activewear on the market. My favorites are these All in 7/8 Tights! 

Making time: This one has been SO hard for me, but I try to remind myself that in order to do my best work each day, I need to take care of myself first. More often than not, this is both mental and physical but usually leans towards physical. I try to make a point to block off my calendar twice a week in the morning, once in the evening during the week and a weekend or two. After I take care of myself, I can approach life a bit more balanced and well, healthy. It's hard to do, but I promise once you schedule it, you'll feel much better!

Just a few things to share, but great to think about. In the end, we need to stop being so hard on ourselves and hell, start to have a little fun. :) Who's with me?