Ways Of Change

Hi Everyone!

Merry Christmas Eve. It's been an amazing week hustlin' to get everything done and then having my parents here. It's really refreshing to show them around, take them to my favorite places in San Francisco and give them some insight into how I live here in this weird, beautiful city.

Along with hustlin', I've been feeling extra thankful and grateful for the things I've experienced and the people I've met in 2015.

One of the people I've had a pleasure of meeting is Lauren Baird from Ways of Change.

For a little background, Ways of Change is an ethically sourced fashion brand connecting people affected by conflict and migration to a global community.

Most of the Ways of Change products are made from up-cycled and locally sourced materials – evidence above!

Their jewelry is absolutely beautiful and I can't stop wearing their beautiful rings (more photos in an outfit post to come!).

Co-Founders  Cara and Lauren hope for Ways of Change in the long run is to provide support to refugees as they return to their country of origin or community.

From speaking with Lauren, I am so passionate about their cause, mission, and integrity! If you want to take a look at their beautiful jewelry, I highly recommend scoping out the beautiful goods!

My favorites? The coil ring and Kan Bo bangle! <3