Dress: similar here | Shoes: Steve Madden via Macy’s

If we’re being honest here, I NEVER thought I’d give in and buy into the over the knee trend. BUT, in the words of good ol’ Justin Beiber never say never.

For me, I thought over the knee boots were tired. I mean, everyone was wearing them. And in terms of being comfortable? Forget about it. I mean, how the hell would I pull these off? But after some time, I was intrigued. And after I saw my friend Ali wear them in Nashville, well, I thought it was time to give ‘em a go.

It took me awhile to find the right pair. I didn’t want rounded toes and the material needed to feel luxe, but also not slip. I found these while perusing Macy’s website and felt like they were the right combination of cool, edgy and uh, most importantly, comfortable.

For me, over the knee boots only work paired with dresses or skirts. I love the jeans look, but I don’t love skin tight denim so I’ll opt for the former. And hell, I think this look works?

Whatcha think?

Photography via Kristen Marie Studio