Dress: Zara | Shoes: Arno Cooperative | Jacket: Crossroads Trading | Hat: Goorin Brothers 

While I don't fall victim (for the most part) to the start-up uniform (you know, hoodies, jeans and t-shirts), I do think I've latched on to some San Francisco styles. One of them is just throwing shit together and praying it works. That's a style, right?

Anyway, I'm particularly happy how this getup went. I've had this dress for some time but if we're being candid, I went through a HUGE floral dress phase. And currently, my closet is still filled to the brim with them. Along with a floral dress, I own around 5 denim jackets. It's a little ridiculous, yes, but I have an emotional attachment to my clothes and I just don't care! 

And of course, a sturdy boot is always a best practice in the fashion department. My Arno boots have been my go-to all season and I love that the color is a little offbeat. :) 


Photography via Julia O Test