Life's Little Luxuries

It was my 28th birthday last month and I don’t know about y’all, but flowers seemed like a very natural thing to receive. Now, don’t get me wrong – I love flowers and especially the thought behind them.

But alas, I’m actually (and very honestly) terrible at being a flower mom. They somehow always die too quickly no matter how often I change the water, cut their stems, and everything in between.

When I received Life’s Little Luxuries by Adorne in celebration of my birthday, well, it was a welcomed change and something I knew I couldn’t kill.

I usually don’t treat myself too often, so this box was a very welcomed surprise. Even more so, the box was full of my favorite products. But before I get into that, you may be wondering what or who Adorne is.

Adorne was founded with a simple goal, to create an unparalleled gifting experience. Gifts often time seem like an after-thought and with Adorne, that’s simply not the case. Each box is truly (seriously) a “gifting-experience” full of thought, time and preparation. I mean, what’s better than Aesop products?

Oh, and the real kicker that makes this service a standout? Each box is hand delivered, that same day.

W-H-A-T?! Epic, right? And for someone like me who constantly leaves things to the last minute (oops) or just generally has a terrible memory, Adorne is a lifesaver.

Lately, my life has been chaos personified. I’ve been traveling a ton for work (and fun!), exploring, working out, and to be honest, not taking a lot of time for myself. That being said, I decided to send myself with an Adorne box. You know, to Life’s Little Luxuries.

Receiving this box almost forced me to step back and chill out. I mean, how can you not with a candle from diptyque (!!!!!) and products from Aesop. The presentation and hand delivery make it even more luxe and special – something we don’t treat ourselves to very often.

So, whatever your reason, Adorne has so many boxes for every single type of occasion. Whether it’s to celebrate a new baby or just because, Adorne’s curated boxes add a sort of whimsy to any situation and is so much better than a bouquet of flowers. You can even order ahead when life gets a little nutty. To make things a bit sweeter Adorne is based in San Francisco! How’s that for close to home!  

Annnnd, as a special offer, Adorne has been so gracious as to offer a $25 complimentary to my readers for their first order! Just head on over to