Re-Decorating With Minted

Aimee-2 (1)Aimee-4Aimee-7 (1)Aimee-1 (1)Aimee-5 (1)Aimee-6 Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday! Hope y'all had a great weekend. It's been overwhelmingly rainy the past few weeks in San Francisco. That being said, it's the perfect time to take advantage of the crappy weather and spend a little extra time at home.

For me, I'm usually never home because I'm running around like a madwoman but lately, I've found a lot of peace at home. Whether I'm lounging in the living room or blogging away on my bed, being at home and slowing down has been a nice change of pace.

Since I've been spending a bit more time indoors, I thought it'd be awesome to jazz up my space. As you can tell, it's a bit small. And uh, some of my furniture isn't the most sturdy (see janky side table that just won't close). But, it's a pretty good canvas to do whatever I want.

When Minted asked me how I'd hit the refresh on one of my creative spaces, I thought my bedroom was the perfect place to start.

If y'all don't know what Minted is, well you're about to. Minted is an online marketplace connecting you with independent artists from all over the world.

They have beautiful, beautiful photography that adds just enough character and pizazz to any space. One of my favorites? The Pining For Pineapple limited edition print by Joni Tyrrell. And to make things better, Minted gives you a ton of options when it comes time to choosing a frame.

Ending today, Minted is having their Semi-Annual Free Foil Event with 2o% all foil products with the code: FOIL16

Happy Decorating!



Photography via Tory Putnam