TLT Spotlight - Warby Parker

Warby Parker's newest 2013 Winter Collection! WP_H13_961_Crop



Hi Everyone!

Happy Thursday! I hope ya'll are having a great day. As you guys know, I wear glasses 24/7. It all started when I was in 6th grade with my first pair of "athletic" Nike glasses. I would show you the photos, but they're absolutely terrifying so i'll spare you. Anyway, ever since i've had an obsession with glasses of different colors in various frame styles.

As I came to find out, collecting glasses is an expensive hobby. Alas, the invention of Warby Parker has made my fascination with glasses ten thousand times more attainable - and exciting.

I rock my trusty Huxley's almost every day, but also snagged a pair of Fillmore's recently that I love switching on and off. That being said, at $95 i'm considering stocking up for the months ahead (early Christmas present, perhaps??) after I saw their Winter Collection for 2013.

For the season all about cozying up with some hot chocolate by the fire, this collection mixes rustic colors with modern styles and shapes. Being a lover of all things tortoise, i'm dying over Tortoise Lyle and Durand.

Loving the new collection as much as I do? Check out the rest of their collection and snag a pair to make you the coolest chick at ANY holiday party. Or well, any party at all. Actually, just the coolest person ever. 

Below are some more of my favorites!

The Webb


Lyle in English Oak.


Durand in Woodland Tortoise.


Also, until December 19th you can buy someone a physical gift card and they'll include an adorable Make-a-Snowman Kit with all the fixin's: carrot nose, coal eyes, buttons for making a snowman!  (Non-snow options are included for those lucky enough to live in fair-weather climates.)

That sounds like an idea I can get behind.

Until tomorrow!