Weekend Snapshots

Friday morning hike to Kite Hill with Scotty.  

If you haven't been to the Slow Club, do yo'self a favor and get the turkey club. You won't be disappointed.


Happy Birthday, Shikha!!


Sunday brunch adventures -- trying glorious coffee at Trouble Coffee while sitting outside.


THIS IS EVERYTHING. Outerlands for the win.


The cutest couple there ever was. Court and her man, Dave.


I had to, OKAY?!


Seeing Portugal. The Man over the weekend. Loving their new album!


Unexpected treasures at Half Moon Bay. Photo via Scott Wisner.


Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday! Hope ya'll are doing well and had a great weekend. I filled mine with food (all you can eat sushi, anyone? WOOF), tons of coffee (holla Trouble Coffee!), explorin' (Half Moon Bay, the Sunset & Kite Hill), music (Portugal. The Man at the Fox killed it!) and celebrated a birthday (happy birthday, Shiks!!)

What'd you all get up to?

Have an amazing day and until tomorrow!