Napa Valley Film Festival

If you checked out my Instagram on Sunday, you saw some snaps of me up in Napa at the Napa Valley Film Festival! And if you don't know about the film festival, well, shame on you! Juuuust kidding.

The TL;DR: The film festival is an annual fall event that exhibits the year’s best new independent films and likely Oscar and Golden Globe awards contenders! Not only is there epic films, but delicious food and w-i-n-e. Yaaaaaas. 

Now, for some highlights:

  • Getting to see Chappaquiddick with Ed Helms who was fantastic. Basically, it's about Ted Kennedy trying to preserve his family's legacy after a tragic event. Definitely a must-see. Oh! And the Uptown Theater is gorgeous! 
  • The Blind Sushi culinary demonstration where we got to sip on some delicious rose and try our luck with sushi! 
  • Seeing Napa and Sonoma in all its glory after the devastation of the fires. Everyone seemed upbeat and resilient. It was amazing to see people come together and not lose hope. 

Sounds pretty badass, right? Check out some other highlights here