Local Spotlight: Ketér Salon

Photo via Lori A. Cheung, thePortraitPhotographer.com IMG_4114





Hi Everyone!

Happy Tuesday! Here on TLT, I love all things fashion. I love makeup and I love a darn good sale. What I have come to place more importance on is my hair. For the first time in my life, i've had "long-ish" hair. DOWN TO MY SHOULDERS! It's a crazy feeling, but i'm so happy to have stuck it out this far. What's not happy, however, are my roots and split ends.

With that being said, I was thrilled at the chance to support an amazing local business and celebrate the opening of Ketér Salon's newest (and second) salon in Berkeley. I attended with my main blogging partner-in-crime, Shikha and met up with the owner Diane Gordon to say hello and congratulations!

I love celebrating local businesses and even more so, when the owner is a badass. Having decorated the entire salon herself, the space is inviting and edgy -- but not so much where you have to get dressed up to get your hair done. Diane was insanely nice and showed me some of her favorite products. Can I get a holla on the Bumble & Bumble? I am absolutely obsessed with their Surf Spray and their shampoo...I always feel like it's a treat when I use them!

I highly suggest ya'll going out to Ketér  and scheduling a cut, color or if anything...a killah head massage! Check 'em out on Twitter for more updates here!

Until tomorrow!