Playing around with this hilarious fun app, A Beautiful Mess. Beanie: eBay | Jacket: Gap | Dress: Urban Outfitters | Shoes: Target A little lunchbreak to Coit Tower in North Beach!






My lovely BOCA co-workers Ann and Lucas who are amazing & help take my photos.

This little shit is Bruce. He's amazing and mine for the next two days!


Hi Everyone!

Happy Wednesday! As you can tell, i'm unusually happy for this humpday. And of course, I had to proclaim my love for the middle of the week by using this app from a website called "A Beautiful Mess" by Elsie and Emma. My roommate and lovely friend Andi caught me up on this app and it's so great! So many fun fonts, borders and filters all at your fingertips. I'd definitely check it out!

Also, speaking of roommate -- Andi was out of town for the last several days and i'm thrilled to have her back! And of course, seeing all of her goodies brought back from home. This awesome Gap Military Jacket being one of them. SO comfortable and if you look closely, you'll see some funky and unique embroidery on the front! Along with Andi, we've been dog sitting Bruce, the French Bulldog. He's been a gem and I can't help but laugh when he snores louder than me at night. OKAY, I admit it. I snore. Sometimes...it's cute, really.

To break up the workday, my co-workers Lucas, Ann and I like to go out for our daily walks, take pictures and decompress. I'm fairly confident a lot of you in the working world do the same (even if it's to grab a coffee for 5 minutes). It's so healthy to clear your brain and get out from behind the computer and into some fresh air. With that being said, today was an unusually glorious San Francisco day so we decided to walk to Coit Tower. Overlooking the city, my co-workers and I talked about how we wanted to see the world and literally craved to go to a new country. I've been fortunate to go travel abroad (even if it was only for two weeks!) but damn, it was one of the craziest experiences ever.

What's one place you're dying to explore?

Until tomorrow!


Photos by Lucas Mayer