Sipping Al Fresco with Cupcake Vineyards

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Thank you to Cupcake Vineyards for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions and styling are my own. Thank you for supporting all The Ohio Transplant collaborations!

YOU GUYS! Spring has sprung and I can’t tell you how excited I am. It’s been a wet and rainy few months, but as they say you can’t have flowers without the showers.

And now that it’s finally sunny, I’m so excited to be spending the days outdoors. Something about those sunny San Francisco days just gets me energized, and if there’s any excuse to go out for an hour or two – I’ll take it!

As the temperatures rise, having a glass of wine al fresco is an absolute go-to. A new tradition I’m hoping to make is to have happy hour outside every Friday to ring in the weekend.

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Last Friday my girl Kristen and I caught up after a busy month of traveling and wedding planning (on her side!) and chatted about life over a few glasses of Cupcake Vineyards Pinot Grigio and Rosé at one of my favorite local spots.

A little side note - I met Kristen on Instagram, of all places! She randomly messaged me to meet up almost a year ago and we’ve been friends ever since! She’s a fellow creative and amazing photographer. I feel so lucky (and grateful!) that Instagram and San Francisco in general has brought some phenomenal people like Kristen into my life.

Over Pinot Grigio (for me) and Rosé (for Kristen), we chatted about the light hearted (wedding planning and all of the craziness of the process!) and  the more serious – like how to successfully negotiate for a raise, plans for the future, and even having children.

It’s been so amazing to have a badass female creative community and I can’t wait to have another happy hour there.

If you’re looking for some happy hour go-to’s, I can’t get enough of Cupcake Vineyards’ Pinot Grigio and Rosé. The Rosé pairs perfectly with a killer cheeseboard and has notes of  watermelon, strawberry and white nectarine - perfect f to enjoy in the sun.

The Pinot Grigio has hints of pear, cantaloupe, apple, and pineapple with touches of honey and lemon zest that make lounging with friends effortless.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your friends and have a happy hour stat!