Apartment Therapy: Low Light Plant Tips & Tricks

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I absolutely LOVE my apartment in San Francisco. It’s cozy, cute, and has a ton of character (for the love of crown molding!).

But for all that I love, there’s just oneeeeeee negative – it gets TERRIBLE light. We face a building and only have a few windows. Needless to say, we definitely get creative when it comes to the lighting department – we have a ton of lamps and light a shit ton of candles.

My boyfriend Tom decorated our entire place and I’ll give it to him – he has pretty superb taste. One thing Tom’s helped with since living with him is that he has a huge green thumb. Me? Not so much. Before living with him, I just couldn’t be trusted with any flora or fauna – even succulents. But Tom is a plant wizard and can save any kind – regardless of light.

That being said, I’ve learned a thing or two from him on plant parenting and making your plants work for your space:

Some plants thrive on low-light: Some of my favorites are pothos, spider plants, and snake plants! They look great in any space and often times don’t require excessive watering.

Arrange your plants in unique ways: Tom is a huge fan of grouping plants that have differing textures, colors, shapes and heights. This allows for added depth, and a bit more interest!

Plant Stands: I’m all about the aesthetic and I love a good planter/plant stand. I am so into this (multi-tieredplantstand) from Wayfair that’s modern but still a little glam.

And if all else fails, snag some fake plants: Y’all, ain’t no shame in that fake plant game. Because I have a black thumb and our apartment lacks a lot of light, keeping plants alive is challenging to say the least. Not only will they last foreva, but more often than not, they’re budget friendly. I snagged this (faux plant ) that's perfectly intermixed with our real babies.


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