Life In Motion

In the last half of 2018 I traveled quite a bit. Whether it was to New York or Nashville and anywhere in between, I definitely racked up some frequent flyer miles. When it comes to work travel, it’s pretty fast paced. Whether it’s one day meetings or catching connecting flights, I’m often times on the go and need all the help I can get when it comes to keeping up.

I’ve talked about Dagne Dover in the past, but I seriously can’t say how easy they’ve made traveling over the last few weeks (and year). So, with that being said, I’m sharing my two favorites for different use cases. Hope y’all enjoy!

The Allyn

How many times have you gone to a client meeting or professional meeting with a ratty backpack? I know I’ve been guilty far too many times. After awhile, I told myself I needed to upgrade and well, grow up a bit. The problem is…my bag is my life. I hold EVERYTHING in it. From gym clothes to my laptop, my bag is a endless pit of wonders carrying everything that I’ll need for the day (and night).

So after some research, I found the Allyn Tote. It’s the ultimate bag for day-of adventures and big enough that it can carry my laptop, change of clothes, water bottle, and more. The look is elevated and the leather body is luxe and professional – perfect for those early flights to Seattle there and back in a day.

The Landon Carryall

Annnd when it comes to overnight activities, the Landon Carryall is the perfect travel buddy. It’s roomy enough to pack a change of clothes for the next two or three days, but sleek (with a ton of different color varieties!!) For me, the Landon Carryall is a godsend for those longer trips because the bag in and of itself is lightweight designed to support you on any journey. Also, the attention to detail on these bags ins INSANE. Unsnaps at the sides create more room for any unexpected finds and is in neoprene – a fabric that’s known for easy washings and dryings so whenever my bag gets messed up during a trip, I can take care of it easily!

Photography via Kristen Marie Photo