5 Crossroads Trading Faves

You guys. It's been AWHILE. And to be completely honest, I've felt a little uninspired over here lately. While I love highlighting my outfits, it's felt a little, well...erm, stagnant? 

If you get me, you know it's a crap feeling. SO, I started to brainstorm what inspires me and even more so, what I love talking about.

One thing that popped up immediately is my love for Crossroads Trading. And I'll tell ya a few reasons why:

1. Being a "style" blogger ain't cheap, ya'll. Annnd, I'm not one of those people that can buy clothing, hide the tags and return them just for a shoot. No shame in that, but it just isn't my game. Crossroads helps me get clothing at half the price and I'M ALL FOR THAT! 

2. The selection and the excitement. Honestly, it's kind of like going to an improv show. You just don't know what you're gonna get. I get jazzed on that. Definitely a thrill. 

3.  It feels a bit more sustainable. We all know the majority of our garments are made in crappy conditions, but like buying vintage, this feels like a better way to shop rather than fuel huge corporations. 

SO, there you go. And without further adieu, I'd love to share my 5 favorite Crossroads pieces:

Vintage Coach Purse

Crossroads Bag.jpg

YOU GUYS. This was a total steal. I have a vintage Coach purse from my mom, but when I saw this bad boy, I SCOOPED that stuff up SO fast. I love the color and roominess and you know, the 3/4 pricetag. 

Distressed Denim Jacket

Crossroads Jacket.jpg

What's more foundational to a wardrobe than a denim jacket? Honestly, I've even worn denim jackets in 80 degree weather just fo' the LEWK. When I found this distressed bb I knew I had to buy it. It's roomy (perfect for layering) and goes well with anything. 

Black Skinny Madewell Jeans

Crossroads Pants.jpg

Like the denim jacket, a good pair of black jeans are an Aimee wardrobe staple. For the record, I'm in love with Madewell jeans. For many of us, jean shopping is such a buzzkill. Either nothing fits or feels weird. When I found these black Madewell jeans, I tried them on and felt like heaven was shining a big ol' light on me. They fit perfectly, cup my bum and were such a steal! I've worn them to death and unfortunately, they are at the place where they have two holes that won't go unnoticed. Time to find a new pair, eh?

Club Monaco Felt Fedora

Club Monaco Hat.jpg

I'm what you'd call a "hat girl." I love hats and honestly, am pretty non-denominational when it comes to 'em. Give me a beret, I'll say bonjour! A fiddler fisherman hat? Ahoy matey! And my true weakness? Wide brim fedoras. And while I wasn't in the market for another, I saw this untouched Club Monaco gem and well, knew it was meant to be.  I wear this bb way too often and I like it that way. 

Embroidered Bomber Jacket

Floral Bomber.jpg

Along with my love of hats, my other vice? Embroidered jackets. Now, embroidery can be tricky. Annnnnd, while I can rock a gaudy look, I like my pieces to have longevity. I think this jacket is a nice combination. A little flair, a little function, and a whole lot of fashion. I came up with the last part, but you get the gist. Fashion, babaaaaayyyy.