Jump Around

Jumpsuit: Citizens of Humanity via Crossroads Trading | Shoes: Who What Wear via Target

I've been trying to find a proper jumpsuit for quite some time. And surprisingly, it's actually been pretty difficult. And after scrolling through Pinterest for awhile, I knew what I wanted but couldn't really find anything IRL. 

I wasn't into the super "J.Lo" jumpsuit (we all know the one) and nothing too, too large and frumpy. So, when I went into Crossroads and was flipping through the longer dresses and FOUND THIIIIS, well, I felt like I hit gold. And that's the beauty of Crossroads. You never know what you're stumbling upon and hell, that's half (okay, maybe 3/4) of the fun. 

It's still somewhat baggy, but the neckline is a little lower still making it feel a bit sexy (if that's possible?). It works and I'm so obsessed.