Weekend Snapshots

Once again, the weather threw me for a loop. Cold on Friday and the rest of the weekend it didn't stray from the 80s. What's going on?

Global warming? I'll hesitantly chalk it up to that.

Besides the weather being a bit erratic, it was a perfectly lovely weekend filled with a visit to my favorite "restaurant" and a birthday party.

If you didn't know, I'm pretty obsessed with Applebee's. I'm going to say it's a Midwestern novelty that I just can't quit on the West Coast. But let me just tell you – their mozzarella sticks are D-O-P-E.  I went this weekend with my QSR lover in crime, Cait. It made my year.

Along with Applebee's, I was dog sitting my favorite little pup, Jack, so being able to hang out with him all weekend was pretty great. Needless to say, a lot of park action happened this past weekend with long walks and coffee hangs. 

Some other week/end highlights:

  • Finally getting back into my Love Story routine
  • Checking out SF MOMA after dark – their newest exhibit is amazing
  • Applebee's visit (of course)
  • A little SoulCycle with Ally
  • Homemade breakfast sandwiches complete with bagels from Wise Son's
  • Hearing that Underclub donated over 1.4k pairs of new underwear to women in need for their National Underwear Drive! 

Hope y'all had an epic weekend!