Mad Hatter: 4 Hats, 4 Ways

It's honestly no surprise I have a fascination with headgear. Okay, let me rephrase that: It's honestly no surprise I have an obsession with hats. 

I don't know where or when my love affair started, but it started young. I fell deep down that hat rabbit hole. And so did my bank account. But you know what? I'm okay with it. Because while trends come and go, HATS ARE FOREVER. Well, maybe they aren't, but I couldn't care less. 

And because I'M curious, I wanted to share a few hats, their names and what to rock with 'em. In my opinion, at least.


Historically, the Boater is considered a formal Summer hat with a stiff, flat crown and brim. It's been popping up EVERYWHERE this season and I had to get on the bandwagon. I paired it with something super casual, but think it's better paired with a floral and flirty dress. Yas? 


I'm going to say this is a hybrid mix. It has a bit of a rounded crown like the Bowler but also is made of straw-like material like the Panama. To be honest, it's a bit tricky to wear, but when you do it right, looks (and feels) pretty cool. And other than that, all you need is a tropical drink and you're G2G. 


IMG_7740 copy.jpg

A personal favorite of mine, fedoras tout a wide-brim (my favorite) and can easily go from day to night. In fact, I've even worn a fedora to a club. But seriously. Proof here. I HAVE NO SHAME. Some of my favorite finds are from Goorin Bros, too. Also, another fun fact: I'm an impulsive hat shopper and after a unusually rough day, I went into Goorin and after 5 minutes, came out with a $90 hat. Eep. 


A boatman's cap originally worn by the Breton peasantry (wowza), I found this gem a few years ago at H&M. I thought it was kind of fun and needed to be a new addition to my hat collection. It's been on heavy rotation ever since. Even more so, this hat has BLOWN up on Pinterest. I wear it with anything, but will have to say, it hides dirty hair prettttttty, prettttty well.