Creativity At Its Finest

I'm sure I've been pretty candid about what I do for a living, but blogging full-time is not it. And while I think it's so amazing that people can hustle and make it happen (holla!), I love working in a company environment!

A little side story – I started at Pinterest almost two years ago (end of September) purely by luck. My former colleague and friend Nikki needed help with a new project and asked if I wanted to help out doing copywriting. Since I loved copy I jumped at the chance. And, I mean...with an entirely new team and at Pinterest? Hell yes! 

Since then, we've built the team from a small (but mighty!) group of three (including me!) to a badass team of full of copywriters, designers, and producers. That being said, we're a tight knit team. How can you not in a small group environment? I love these people like family – each full of unique quirks, oddities and strengths. 

In our department, we're creating content day in and day out. Whether it's a big idea for a brand on the platform or designing Pins for a specific campaign, we brainstorm, write, and design non-stop. And sometimes, well, I don't about y'all, but sometimes it's a biiiiit challenging coming up with new ideas and well, getting creative.

Luckily, to rejuvenate our creative juices, I asked the team if they wanted to "think outside the box" with box being our office and go somewhere a little bit unfamiliar. You know, all in the sake of creativity. 

The moment I found this specific Peerspace, I knew it was a winner. We grabbed our laptops, some snacks and headed for the location. 

If you need to get away, Peerspace is the ultimate resource. First off, they have so many locations all throughout the city – it's unreal! Second, the places are insanely inspiring and beautiful. And third, the process of booking is ridiculously easy. Simply search, enter your dates and book. HOW EFFORTLESS IS THAT. Yessss.

So, if you're looking to spice things up or just need a fresh perspective whether it be for a meeting or event, get inspired by Peerspace. Oh, and even better? Get 20% off your next booking with this code until November 30, 2017! 


I partnered and collaborated with Peerspace! All thoughts and words are my own. Thank you for supporting The Ohio Transplant collaborations.

Photography via Julia O Test