In Good Taste

Weekend brunch is one of my all-time favorite things. Maybe it’s the reality that I don’t have anywhere to be (like work) or maybe it’s because I get to spend time with friends while eating delicious food. Regardless, on a weekend you’ll usually see me nomming.

With the weather so lovely on Sunday I thought I’d make my own. But, having brunch by yourself isn’t as fun. Obviously. So I called up my girlfriend Lauren (the one I traveled to Europe with!) and asked if she she was keen on brunch. She was game. I told her to prep nothing nor go to the grocery store. I had it covered.

A little backstory: Lauren and I met through blogging and have been pals ever since. She planned our ENTIRE (seriously!) trip to Europe and I wouldn’t have had the time of my life without her! In an effort to celebrate her and say thank you, I wanted to surprise my fellow foodie friend not with flowers, but with brunch!

Enter Adorne’s ‘In Good Taste’ box. I have talked about Adorne before, they were founded with the simple goal to create an unparalleled gifting experience, and that they do.  Each box is full of thought, time and curation. What better gift for my foodie friend than a box full of handpicked, epicurean treats?!

To give you the rundown, this culinary gift is a creative balance of classic French refinement and creative San Francisco flavors – blending old and new from the finest cross continental artisans. It features delicious coffee from St. Frank (another local company!), rustic and savory Acme bread, the fammed Inna Jam, pancakes with rich syrup, the BEST granola in the world from Worthy Granola (seriously, y’all) and a beautiful Provence rosé (the perfect start to brunch in my book).

I ordered the In Good Taste Box from Adorne and had it hand delivered to Lauren, that same day (W-H-A-T?! Epic, right?). It arrived beautifully packaged in their signature box and I have to say, it was such a treat to not only see Lauren so excited but be able to cook, nosh, and catch up. It made brunch such a stylish affair!

If you’re looking outside of the box (ha!) for fun and unique ways to gift loved ones or just celebrate, Adorne is the way to go. This is my second box and I can’t wait for a reason to send my third.

And as a special offer, Adorne has been so gracious to give a complimentary $20 credit to my readers for their first order! Just head on over to and use promo code OHIOTRANSPLANT.

Photography via Lauren Mizrahi