Rise & Shine: My Workout Outfit Redefined

Leggings, Sweatshirt: Outdoor Voices | Shoes: Birkenstock | Yoga Mat: Sweaty Betty 

I'm not shy about my love for yoga. In fact, I've shared my obsession for the practice several times over here (this). I love the way it forces me to be mindful, let go of everything for an hour or so, and just concentrate on "being." 

For the longest time, I used to wear t-shirts, shorts, and ill-fitting bras to workout classes. I found that not only is this uber uncomfortable, but it also messes with your confidence. More often than not, I've been "that girl" in class pulling her shirt down or picking a shorts wedgie (woof, I know). 

Luckily, I've wised up when it comes to workout clothing. I've heard about Outdoor Voices via social media and through friends and was curious to see how it'd translate in real-life. 

When it comes to yoga (or anything really), I prefer high-waisted leggings. I snagged the Two-Tone Warmup Legging that's high enough that I don't feel uncomfortable and perfect for sorta sweaty activities – you know, jogs, hikes and yoga flows.

And if living in San Francisco taught me anything, it's to ALWAYS BRING AN EXTRA LAYER. That's where the Catch-Me-If-You-Can Hoodie comes into play. It has a casual fit that's great for throwing on and the mossed jersey makes it oh so soft. 

Have you tried OV yet? If so, what are some of your fave finds? I can't wait to hear! 

Photography via Julia O Test