The Perfect Bag For Every Occasion

I'll be honest – I misplace a lot of stuff. From credit cards (oops) to constantly losing my phone, I'm always scrambling to try and keep my things in one place. Does this ever happen to y'all? Maybe it's because my mind is constantly thinking of other things or maybe I'm just losing my mind, but LUCKILY, Dagne Dover came into my life and for that, I'm forever grateful. If y'all don't know too much about them – never fear. They are a brand that focuses on fashion and most importantly, function. 

So with that, I'm sharing 3 items from them that I think every gal needs to have! 

The Landon Carryall

My days are usually pretty unpredictable so the Landon Carryall is the ultimate solution to a full day ahead. Its petite size won’t impede on a daily commute and when unsnapped at the sides, has enough space to hold a change of clothes for any post-work activity or to go on a little weekend getaway. Since I've been traveling a lot more for work, the Landon has become a staple. It's durable, versatile and just looks pretty chic. I love it. 

Essentials Clutch Wallet

Picture this, a night on the town and you're wearing a huge ass bag with your computer, wallet, keys, and basically everything you own. NOT CUTE GUYS. And true story, this happened to me on Friday. So, to combat that, Dagne Dover came out with their Essentials Clutch. It doubles as a wallet or wristlet that seriously holds everything. IT'S AMAZING. And way better than a big ol tote bag. Especially at a club. 

Slim Wallet

I love this Slim Wallet for a few reasons. First off, the pattern is rad. Annnnd, second: it just holds a lot. And for someone who just stuffs crap in their wallet, this one makes sure that I only carry what's essential. Oh, and it can double as a clutch which I just really love!