My 4 Key Secrets To Working Out

It wasn't until very recently that I loved exercising. To me, it used to be all about losing weight. And that kind of sucked. It usually went something like this: Try something new, don't see results immediately, get frustrated, and then stop. Talk about unhealthy! For me, my fitness journey started when I stopped caring so much. I had to find things I liked to do, liked to wear, liked to listen to, etc. 

So that being said, I'm sharing MY 4 key secrets to working out:

Having a Partner in Crime 

For me, working out is WAY more fun when there's someone else around. Even better is when the someone else is your best friend! They hold you accountable and provide you with a pretty epic distraction. Here's Andi and I doing a little selfie action in style at Bay Club. 

The Right Gear

So, truthfully, I used to be the girl wearing old college shirts and ratty shorts to the gym. Nothing wrong with that, but there's just something so satisfying when you put on your favorite leggings and feel ready to take on anything. Maybe that's just me, but when it comes to working out, when I look good I'm more inclined to feel damn good and have even more killer workout. Personally, I'm a pretty big fan of high-waisted leggings with compression so I can be ready for any workout. Annnnd, I have to say, Old Navy has been KILLING it with their activewear line. Everything I see I want! 

The Perfect Playlist

I never knew how important music was to a workout until I ran my first half marathon. YOU GUYS. IT'S A GAME CHANGER. Also, any time I go to an exercise class – I unfortunately judge it by the music. Some of my favorite studios with seriously epic playlists? SoulCycle (obviously), LoveStory Yoga, and Barry's Bootcamp. In terms of my own playlist, I am currently loving Calvin Harris, Cashmere Cat, Drake, and ODESZA.  My friend Cait's TGIF playlist on Spotify is the bees knees by the way. Seriously, listen to it. Love it. You'll thank me (or her) later. 

Finding Your Favorite Gym/Studio

To be honest, I've tried almost every gym in the city and have been pretty disappointed. Luckily, I freakin' love the Bay Club and all that it has to offer. From gym equipment like ellipticals and TRX straps to class offerings like their pilates and yoga studios, there's so much to do you may get lost – no really. I actually did get lost my first time. The facility is super cool, has a POOL (holla!), an awesome food and drink spot upstairs, and everything in between. I also love Core40 (combines cycling and pilates!) and have been getting really into Orange Theory!