Tickled Pink

Being a curious individual, I always love to explore. Whether that's a different city, country or even my own home, I always craving learning new things and seeing new places. So, when Victoria's Secret PINK asked me to go on an adventure, well, I said Let's Go Anywhere!

Luckily, living in San Francisco is never a bore. And seeing how I just moved to a new neighborhood, I've been having a super fun time scoping out new to me places. One spot you can always find me is Duboce Park – it's a dog park so on weekend mornings you can probably catch me trolling on dogs or their owners.

When I'm not harassing dog owners,  I'm usually hanging on Haight Street scarfing down breakfast burritos at The Grind or sayin' hello to the girls of Diane's and getting my nails done. That, or trying to get the bartenders to actually be nice to me at Toronado. 6 years in SF and I'm still trying. 

Regardless, in SF – I feel anything goes with fashion. And since it's been increasingly warm, I've been showin' some arm with low back tanks and button-ups that aren't well, totally buttoned. This VS PINK bralette is the perfect weekday bra that's supportive and totally wearable! 

Can ya dig it?