Room Refresh

Decorating a bedroom. Man, that shit is hard. And while I work at Pinterest and am surrounded by inspiration every single day, it's still rough working off a blank slate. Where to start!? What vibe do I want my room to have? Or for me, how do I fit all the things I've accumulated over the past 6 years into a seriously small space.

That being said, I got rid of a lot. I'm going to say it probably has a deeper meaning, but I won't get into that for now. With the help of some amazing friends, I cleaned out my closet – which was probably the hardest part. The second was getting rid (or donating) furniture and random tchotchkes. That was surprisingly easy.

I needed to start fresh – especially in this new spot and in this new neighborhood. I decided only the essentials would come with me and I'd build from there. You know – a dresser, a side table and oh yeah, a bed. I was used to sleeping on a Queen, but since my new room is the size of a Macy's bathroom, I had to opt for a Full. I was ALMOST about to go for a Twin until I realized I'm almost 28 years old and have no business doing that. 

Mattresses freaked me out. They're an investment. And honestly, how the hell do you know "it's the one?" I went shopping for one of these springy bad boys on Geary and after three or four stores, I was pretty fed up. It seemed almost too expensive and what about the installation and also DO I CHOOSE MEMORY FOAM OR NOT!? 

Luckily, Tuft & Needle makes it stupidly easy for me to sleep soundly even when my street outside isn't. You order. It arrives. You unpack it. Done. THAT IS IT. ~ blessed ~ 

I also added some art from Minted that I had from the last spot and displayed my collection of hats (and books) for a lived in look.

I'd say these new beginnings look damn good, too. :) 

Photography via Julia O Test